05 October 2011

Matt's Savory Steaks!

This recipe is brought to you by my husband! Of course I had to call in a man for this steak recipe!

1. Get some nice juicy steaks.

2. Melt butter and rub into steaks.

3. Add salt and pepper.

4. Put them steaks on the grill! Make sure grill has already been heating up for 15mins, with top closed. (This ensures you will get those nice dark grill lines!)

5.  Rare-Med : Flip after 3 mins.
Med-Well done: Flip after 3 mins. Flip again and rotate 45° for crisscut lines cook on low until desired doneness.

6.  Voila! Perfect, TASTY, steaks! (steak on left is med/well. steak on right is med/rare)

♥ Guest "Chef" : Matthew, my adorable husband.

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