05 October 2011

Rosemary and Ranch Chicken Kebabs

Your next BBQ favorite!

1. Cut 5 chicken breasts (or however many you'd like) into 1in by 1in kebab sized cubes. Make sure its in a big bowl!

2. Add to bowl 1/2 cup ranch dressing, 1/4 cup olive oil (Looking back at the picture, thats why theres an empty cup, oh well!) 2 T worchestershire sauce, 1 T Rosemary (better if fresh, but I could only had dry), 1t lemon juice, 1t salt, dash of pepper. I added in a splash of herbed vinegar and a splash of red wine vinegar as well.

3. Once all ingredients are added, mix together! The recipe says to mix seperately, but I like as little clean up as possible! One less dish for me! *Let sit in fridge at least 30mins.*

4. Skewer chicken about 5 pieces per kebab. (Dont forget to soak sticks in water beforehand!) I lined the grill with aluminum foil to prevent a mess on the grill. Just rotate them until cooked (juices run clean from chicken)

5. Serve up and enjoy!!

*Just to warn you, these will be very addicting and very popular at any event!*

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