13 January 2012

Banana Bread

On a cold winter day what more could warm up your house and your spirits as a loaf of Banana Bread rising in the oven!? I never thought of making bread before, I always figured it was complex and required alot of special ingredients; plus a bread maker of course. This recipe, however, was so simple, I had all the ingredients already in my home except for the bananas!

1. In a large bowl add 2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Preheat oven to 350°F

2. These little cuties are mini banana or Dominicos (the old guy in the super market pointed out to me). The normal size bananas were too ripe, and for banana bread "the nastier the better" says lady in comment 3 of this recipe.

3. I dont actually know how to mash up bananas, so being the resourceful gal that I am, I grabbed something with a flat bottom and started mashing away. It took about 2 mins till I had it mashed enough! Just press them against the sides of a really round bowl, works like a charm!

4. Mix with the mashed bananas 2 eggs (previously beaten).

4. In another small bowl, you can mix ¾ cup of brown sugar with ½ cup of butter.

5. My secret ingredients...The 3 musketeers! A splash of vanilla, a dash of nutmeg and two big sprinkles of cinnamon!

6. Mix the flour mix, with the banana mix, with the brown sugar mix. Just slowly incorporate everything so that the dry ingredients are wet. Over stirring will make it dry when you bake it.

7. In a lightly greased dish, more rectangle than square, pour in the batter. Pop it in the oven for about an hour. (I read in another comment its important in this recipe the position the oven racks when baking this. I followed the suggestion of a lady who placed it one slot lower than the middle rack position. Turned out great!) Just do the toothpick test for doneness. When the toothpick comes out clean, its done! Make sure to test different areas so you arent testing a banana! Heehee!

8. There you have it, fresh from the oven! Allow it to cool in the dish for about 10mins. I flipped mine upside down and it just fell right on out! If you manage to not eat it all the day you bake it, it goes great with a cup of coffee for breakfast!

♥ Happy New Year! A great way to start your day and something easy to bake that will brighten the day of many around you! ♥


  1. I have had bananas in the freezer just staring at me every time I open the door. "EAT ME, BAKE me" is what they say. And Sergio just taunts me about my poor follow through. Gonna do this too! Is it the same as my moms?

  2. I got this one somewhere but I don't think it's your moms, it's easy peasy! So go save those bananas from their misery! :P