12 February 2013

White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Another Valentines Day treat!

I love the little things in life :)

Im in charge of snacks this week at Bible study so I wanted to do something cute and V-day themed.

1. I used a whole bag of white chocolate chips (Ghirardelli's, a San Francisco treat :P) I put them in a Pyrex and microwaved on medium (5) for 1½ minutes.

2. They should start to melt, so stir and then microwave on medium for another minute (repeat until creamy and fully dissolved). I think in total it took 3½ minutes.

3. Dip a pretzel into the white chocolate and set on wax paper to dry.

 I added a little food coloring to make light pink. It helps to tap the pretzel on the spatula to remove the excess chocolate.

I got my little helper in to help me add sprinkles for a fun little touch. :) These didn't take me too long, luckily Riley had a bunch of homework to do so he was right next to me keeping me company while I got these done.

I did some even darker pink ones too. You have to be kinda quick though because the chocolate starts to harden and it wont reheat and melt again too well. Once the liquid in the chocolate evaporates you cant get it back in and it becomes chalky (this is only an observation for I know absolutely nothing about the properties of chocolate, only that it tastes good and looks pretty on these pretzels!).

                                                         ♥ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ♥


  1. Hi Becky! Your blog is amazing, I just skimmed a few entries and can't wait to read more! Loved the one about your daughter's bday party- so pretty. :) Thanks for the yummy goodies last night!

  2. Hey Liwen, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love cooking for others and its always great when they like my cooking, of course :)

  3. I personally tried Becky's dipped pretzels and they were yummy. My husband liked them too! I like the heart shaped cookie recipe Becky has on her dessert section. Think I'll try it next Valentine's Day!