26 September 2011

Start the day in just one way...COFFEE!

This is my first time using a French Press....Maybe its yours too.

1. Get your French Press.  Coffee Grounds (med. or coarse).   Mug with water.

2. 1 scoop of grounds for 1 cup coffee add to press.(while opening and scooping, its a good time to heat for water #3.)

3.  In micro or stove, heat water to a little hotter than you would like to drink it at, not boiling. (1.5mins will do, in micro)

4. Stir water and grounds (best with wooden or plastic stirrer).  Then put top on the press with the filter pulled up.

5. Let coffee sit for 1-3mins depending on strength and amount desired.

6. Pour coffee into your favorite mug.

6. Add your necessary coffee additions and you're off!

(♥ Coffee Press provided by Mom in law, Cup gift from Sis in law! ♥)


  1. D you know, I French press wrong EVERY time?? I'll need to reference this. Let sit, press LaTeR! I get so mad at myself!

  2. Since this was posted almost a year ago and I havent used a french press in a while, I was using one and thought of course you push downfirst ! I had to double to make sure I was right! It makes sense I guess, but the urge to press is hard to resist!