27 September 2011

Un Po' d'Italia

Lasagna! I love this recipe because there is no recipe, I just add the basics and switch it up to whatever im craving! Last nights version was a hit, Riley even requested we save a bit for his school lunch! ♥

1. Brown ground beef. I like to use about a lb.

2. Add any pasta sauce to the browned ground beef. Then add half the jar full of water (this helps cook the lasagna noodles later). For this recipe I like using the meat sauce, that way I can add my own herbs and cheeses later without mixing too many flavors.

3. Add to the sauce and beef your choice of herbs and seasonings. You can add oregano or an italian herb blend, garlic, a splash of worchester sauce, S&P, garlic salt, etc. Bring to boil.

4.  While sauce is coming to a boil, shred up some cheese. Its good to use more than one kind to add an extra kick of flavor.

5. Get a medium sized casserole dish and layer in 2 lasagna sheets next to each other, add spoonfulls of meat/sauce blend, top with cheese and repeat! (when repeating alternate direction of pasta sheets up/down, sideways)

6. Place in oven at 375° for around 45mins. Cover with aluminum foil. Test after 30mins with fork to see if pasta is done.

7. (I hate this pic, wah) Once cheese is melted, noodles are cooked, and the house has filled with a delicious aroma of italian homecooking, take out of oven *oven mitts*! Let it sit for a couple minutes, this will let it firm up and not fall apart when you serve it!

♥ Enjoy! Goes great with some wine and toasted garlic french bread! ♥

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