30 November 2011

Turkey Day Leftovers!

Ok, so you may be thinking this will be full of recipes for delicious dishes I made out of the leftovers. But im actually just posting about the food made but dont have enough pictures for a full blog. Here are my Thanksgiving Dinner leftover pictures!

 Green Bean Casserole : 1 can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup, 1/2 cup milk, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, and a dash of pepper. Mix together in a bowl, adding 4 cups of frozen (or fresh) green beans (cook beforehand!) . Throw in 2/3 a tin of French's Fried Onions . Put in baking dish and bake 375°F for 35mins or until bubbling. Sprinkle on the leftover french onions and bake 5 more mins until golden!
♥ This was a hit! They were scraping the bowl until there was nothing left! ♥

  My good friend Priscilla helped me out the Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. She made the Mashed potatoes at home with potatoes, milk and butter (I believe?!). The gravy she made using the pan drippings from the turkey! We poured everything that was left in the pan, into a pot, then strained it so there were no chunks. Then made a butter and flour roux on the stovetop. Slowly she adding in the drippings, until it was smooth like gravy! It tasted phenomenal!!
♥ Thanks Priss! ♥

Creamed Corn: I can literally find myself dreaming of this recipe all year round. Unfortunately, until now, I could taste this at Thanksgiving. This is my Auntie Hazels recipe. You take a large bag of frozen corn, cook it. Then slowly mix in heavy whipping cream in a pot over the stove. You want to mix in enough so its covered but not soupy. I think I added about half of a tall whipping cream. If need be add a little flour, but stirring it for a while should give you that creamy texture!
♥ And enjoy, its as simple as that! Now we dont have to wait til thanksgiving next year! ♥

Chocolate Pudding Pie : This is from my moms side of the family as well. My sister being the difficult one didnt like apple or pumpkin pies, so there was always sure to be a chocolate pie especially for her!This one is super simple! Take Jell-O Chocolate Pudding mix and follow the directions (should be add 3 cups cold milk.) Add the mixture to a ready made pie crust and allow to set in fridge. After about an hour you can take it out and add some cool whip to the top. (this will prevent the pudding from getting a film). Allow to set over night for best results!
♥ Even though it was hot, and the pudding melted a bit, it was still really tasty!

♥ ♥ Even with all this wonderfully yummy food, it couldn't have been possible with the people who mean alot to me, family & friends, and that is what im thankful for ♥ ♥

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