30 November 2011

Very Orange Jello

This is a classic Smith Family recipe around the holidays! (Im not a Smith, but my mom is! :)

1. Bring to boil, 1 cup of water.

2. You'll need 1 package of Orange Jell-O

3. Add the water and Jell-O mix and stir for a couple minutes until the mix has fully disolved.

4. This where the recipe differs from that on the back of the box. Add in orange juice with pulp (the best kind is the frozen one, but I couldnt find any, so any pulp or extra pulp is good!) Also: (There is a weird smell when mixing the hot water and cold orange juice together, but it goes away once its in the fridge, dont worry!)

5. Pour mix into a dish and pop into the fridge until firm. It'll probably take a least 2 hours depending on how deep the dish is. You can leave it like this or before it firms, add in mandarine oranges and pineapple chunks, the ones from the cans work great just drain before adding! ( :( no pic again, sorry!!!)

♥ ♥  Even though I wasnt with my extended family for Thanksgiving, their wonderful recipes kept me remembering them all day! ♥ ♥

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