22 December 2011

Chicken Parmesan

A few days ago I was rummaging about my cupboards hoping anything could be pulled together for a nice family dinner. Sometimes my husband works afternoons and we arent always together for dinner. So I like to try and spend each one we do get, together eating something delicious! Id never made this before, and only tried a bit of it once. It seemed easy so I kinda threw it together based on what I knew. (I could be completely wrong, but if its wrong...its SO good still!) I was just so hungry to eat and make something fast that I didnt even think about taking pictures...so I had to make it again the same week! Heheh...my poor family :P

1. Cook pasta. I used spaghetti this time and last time fusilli, it can be whatever kind you like...at least in my recipe it can!

2. Get some boneless/skinless chicken breasts and first coat in flour...

3. Swish around in egg...

4. Press into some breadcrumbs (I had some italian herb ones, so good!) I add to the bread crumbs some basil and italian spices; also a dash of pepper, garlic powder and some seasoned salt. (Just whatever I was feeling)

5. In a fry pan, throw in some oil and fry the chicken. Turn them over time to time so they dont burn.

6. Add pasta to the bottom of a plate and top with pasta sauce. I used an arribiata sauce which gave it a tiny bit of a spice to it, but its up to you! (yes!! thats a heart! This was my hubbys plate, im cute like that)

7. Right before the chicken is done cooking throw on some cheese. I know this is Chicken "Parmesan" but I didnt have any on hand... I think I used Queso Oaxaca...it melts nicely!

8. Top with the chicken and here is your complete dinner! The flavors of this are just so excellent together!

♥ Thanks to my italian hubby for throwing me this idea! ♥

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  1. Add a few tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese to the bread crumbs! Extra flavor. :)