22 December 2011

Corn Chowder

Mmm! My mom and I used to love finding any excuse to drive down to Mimi's Cafe for a bowl of this soup! Sometimes we would just order it to go and save it for later! Once my mom found out its actually a pretty recipe, I wanted to finally try it for myself!

1. Chop up 6 tablespoons worth of onion and ¾ cups worth of celery.

2. 1/4 cup of butter, place this in a large pot and use to sautee the onions and celery for about 5mins.

3. Chop and measure out 2 cups potatoes.

4. Add to the celery and onions; the potatoes, 3 cups frozen corn kernels, and 2 ½ cups hot water.

5. Add to that 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of salt and a dash of pepper (it calls for white pepper, but ive never been able to find it here!)...Its important the water covers everything, if need be, add some more. Cover and let cook about 30mins (until potatoes are done).

6. Whisk together 3 tablespoons flour with 1 cup half and half. Add to pot. Once the potatoes are done add in the rest of the half and half.

7. Allow everything to simmer for about 15mins (says the recipe, but it took me about 45mins. I actually had to drop by a freinds and leave the hubs in charge of checking on it!). It will eventually turn into a creamy, "chowdery" thickness!

♥ I actually have no picture of the final result because like I said I wasnt here, and the next day the leftovers were gone before noon! SO GOOD! Ill update this once I make this again...which will be soon! ♥

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