31 January 2012

Amy's Peppers and Drumsticks

My sister in law gave me this recipe and it took me FOREVER to find pickled peppers! Im still not really sure if what I used in this recipe was even the right thing! But whatever it was, it tasted amazing nonetheless!

1. Cut up 3 potatos into about 1in pieces.

2. In a large baking dish toss in the potatos and add in 4 chicken drumsticks.
3. Measure out  ½ a jar of pickled peppers (cleaned out), ¼ cup of olive oil and 1 cup of white wine.

4. Add the peppers and white wine to the chicken and potatos.

5. Add in ¼ of a chopped onion, 2 sausages (or in my case a couple stripes bacon in pieces), and 4 garlic cloves.

6. Salt and pepper then drizzle the ¼ cup of olive oil over the top of it all.

7. Cook it in the oven at 350° (my guess since I just had the ingredients not directions..opps!) until chicken is done, about a 30 to 45mins.

8. And there it is! A full dinner! So good too! Im dying to try it with the sausage because I think that will give it a completely different taste! (Also, haha, I kept thinking what is that nasty fat wad in front of the chicken? Until this very second, I had no idea, but realized its a bit of bacon!! I was like why did take that picture! Now I know!)

♥  Thank you Amy :)  ♥

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  1. They look even better in photos! But taste better in person.. Sooooo so good