02 May 2012

Penne, Chicken, and Asparagus

So basically:
Its been a while since I've posted a food-blog...My apologies for the lousy attempts of actual blogging to tide everyone until I cook something worth posting. But its been a crazy-insane-unbelievable-ridiculous-incredible-unexpected-blessed past 3 months. None of what happened was really planned. It just all happened, and really fast. Things are good and we thank God daily for our health and safety. I say all this because we now living once again in California. My Cancun days are over. And as hard as that is to fathom sometimes (well, most of the time) it is what is. An opportunity came to us and we just jumped on it. There was little thought, lots of packing, many decisions, and too many tears. Being here with our families and having the support that we do has made it all worth it. The memories of our beach days we will hold tight to because it changed it so much, and turned us into better people. When you live someone foreign your mind just opens up, you have to experience new things because everything is new/different. I am grateful for the time we had there, the friends we made and love, our memories, the birth of our two kids. It will forever hold a huge spot in our hearts. So forgive me if you see me using forks for spatulas, I'm still equipping my kitchen and re buying a lot of stuff unable to move with us.
Meanwhile, this recipe is a must try! You probably will already have the ingredients on hand like I did! If not there are so many easy substitutes! Ill be first to admit that it sounds like a very bland, uninteresting dish, but it is guaranteed to shock your taste buds with tastiness!

1. (Like any good recipe starts off) Boil water. Probably about 6 cups or so. Once its boiling toss in 2 cups of Penne pasta (any small pasta would work too!)m you'll want to cook these until al dente about 8-10mins. While the water is boiling, start step 2!

2. Warm 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, then add a large breast of chicken cut up. Add some S&P then cook until done.

3. Remove chicken and set on a paper towel (this part always kinda freaks me out, because I don't like mixing paper with my food. But it ended up ok!). Turn off the heat but keep the juices from the kitchen in the pan.

4. When pasta is done, drain and set aside.

5. Keep out the S&P and cut up some garlic (the recipe called for garlic powder but fresh is just so much better).

6. In the pan used for the chicken add in ½ cup of chicken broth and 1-2in pieces of asparagus. Then sprinkle in S&P and a couple gloves of garlic chopped up. Cover and let simmer on a low setting until asparagus is done cooking.

7. Mix chicken and pasta together in a pot.

8. Then add the asparagus and broth into the chicken with pasta. Let it sit a couple minutes before serving.

9. Serve it up! I served this with a light salad with honey mustard dressing and sunflower seeds (my fav!)

For ingredients:
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♥ Thank you to many wonderful people who helped with the move, and those who made our new place feel more like home ♥


  1. So glad you're doing this again, baby! Look forward to MANY delicious home-cooked meals and memories :D

  2. Wow, Becky is back with a vengeance! Nice job. Can't wait to try your recipes. Love you! Mom J

  3. OoooOOoooo I have this illegitimate phobia of tube pastas but THIS I could enjoy. We should have an asparagus cook off when I get home cause I make a mean Champagne Risotto with prosciutto and asparagus. SO so glad you are baack and cookin