23 January 2013

Tiny Tacos

I was going to name this "Tacitos" like "little tacos" but Siena's new favorite word is tiny, so to remember these fun little moments we're calling them "Tiny Tacos". I found this idea on Pinterest (everyone girls new bff) and I thought I'd try it out! Here is the link to my Pinterest page and the original pin. They were realllly good!

1. First, brown 1lb of ground beef and drain. Then add in a package of taco seasoning and follow the directions for how much water to add. I used Taco Bell brand seasoning and it requires ¾ cup of water (I just grabbed TB taco seasoning because we love Taco Bell). Make sure to turn your oven on to 350°!

2. Then take the little wonton squares and place them into a cupcake tin and fill with the ground beef. I kept questioning myself about how far to fill them; are they like cupcakes and you fill half way or fill all the way up? I didn't know! So I filled them like  ¾ of the way :P

3. Top them off with lots of cheese! Then pop them in the oven for about 13 minutes! (If you use mini-cupcake tins it'll probably cook the wonton wrappers faster, so just watch them.)

4. And DRESS! From top left: sour cream and hot sauce, sour cream and lettuce, jalapeno, and "The Works". My husband scrapped the pan clean to make leftovers for lunch tomorrow and my son said "Mommy is the best cook of all the restaurants!"... I think this dinner is a hit ;)

Ingredients: 1 lb ground beef, package of taco seasoning, shredded cheese, and wonton wrappers.

♥ After a long day, theres nothing better than your family sitting down to a dinner they LOVE ♥

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