11 April 2013

Easter Day Tiramisu

For Easter this year we headed up to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister in law and spend the week there for Riley's spring break. We lucked out and had the most beautiful weather! After not having my own kitchen I HAD to make something! So for dessert I made my first Tiramisu. I was really excited because Tiramisu is one of my favorites, but it seemed so daunting to make! Turns out its easy as pie, doesn't that always seem to happen?
1. I liked this recipe because its said to be from the actual restaurant Buca di Beppo, which has my favorite Tiramisu. In this recipe you actually make the "lady fingers" which end up looking like thin cakes. It makes things a lot easier to serve because its flat layers. So to make the lady fingers first you need 6 large beaten eggs and ¾ cup of sugar (sifted).(Now is a good time to preheat oven to 350°f) Then you will mix on high for 12-15mins. Being on vacation and feeling much like a fatty I decided to do it....by hand! It took about the same amount of time, maybe more towards the 15min mark, and I had to switch arms quite frequently. Your goal is to get it frothy and thick.
2. So here it is thicker and really frothy. You can see how sticks to the sides of the mixing bowl. (Of course I chose a bright pink Easter outfit that is reflecting in EVERY picture with this bowl!) Add in 1 cup flour, sifted, and stir it just until it is all blended together.
3. Make sure to butter your baking sheets. I experimented using one with butter and one with a Silpat and they turned out so much better on the Silpat! You can probably fit two of these thin lady finger cakes per baking sheet. Have them be about 6in. in diameter, but do leave space in between. Bake them for about 10mins.
4. The edges will just start to brown and they are done! Remove from the baking sheet and let them cool a minute or two. This recipes makes a lot of batter, so if you want to save some for next time you can. I made all mine and just used the good ones. You can cut the rest up for snacks or just toss it.
5. Now for the filling layer. In a large bowl, mix 1 lb. mascarpone cheese, ¾ cup powdered sugar, and 3 tablespoons of rum. You only need to mix till its all combined.

6. It'll look similar to cream cheese frosting but will smell and taste quite different ;)

7. In a shallow bowl combine 1 cup cooled espresso with 2 tablespoons rum. (Thank you Sergio for the wonderful espresso and cafĂ© you made for us :)

8. I used a large round bowl to set the Tiramisu together in. You'll want to dip the little lady finger cakes into the espresso mix for just a couple seconds, no more than 3! They sog really easily. Its best to use a spatula. Then smear some of the mascarpone cheese mixture on top.

9. You're going to layer it cake then cheese, cake then cheese. The cheese layer will be last, so make sure not to run out!
10. Top with 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder and 2 crumbled up chocolate biscotti! Yay, so easy! I put mine in the fridge for a couple hours and there were some areas that didn't soak completely in the espresso that by the end of a couple hours it was all even. My bowl was a lot bigger than the cake so it looks really funny here, but the individual scoops look so pretty!
♥ Ta-da! So good!! Even Sergio, straight from Italy, said it tasted really good!! ♥


  1. I feel so honored to have housed this. Sergio was drooling and I was buzzing. Perfect combination!