17 April 2013

Fresh, From-the-Tree, Lemonade

So we finally made it into our new house! Instead of having to use my coat closet as a pantry/pan storage I have empty shelves in the kitchen cupboards! I cant even believe it! Its still far from feeling really "home-y" but everyday we're getting closer to getting it all put away. We were happily surprised to find out the house had fruit trees growing in the backyard. 1 orange tree and an amazing lemon tree! I don't think I've ever seen a fruit tree that produces as much fruit as this one. There are lemons EVERYWHERE. Luckily, I LOVE LEMONS. So as my first lemon recipe I had the kids help me make lemonade.
Here's the basket of lemons the kids picked!
You will need a pitcher of water (6-8 cups), a dozen lemons, a measuring cup (up to 2 cups), strainer, and 1 ½ cups sugar.
1. First what I recommend doing is to boil 1 cup of water and then add 1 ½ cups sugar until it dissolves. Then let it set in the fridge until cooled, or (because I couldn't wait) put it in a shallow dish in the freezer.
2. So while the sugar water is cooling, you can start squeezing the lemons. I really want to shop around for a cute juicer, so I did it by hand. It goes by quick. In total I used about 11 lemons. It was so cool, when I needed more I just picked them from the tree! I squeezed them over a strainer I placed on top of a Pyrex measuring cup. You need about 1 ½ cups.
3. Then take your lemon juice, sugar water, and water; and mix together in a big pitcher!
♥ And drink! Happy Spring :) ♥

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