25 April 2013

Smashed Potatoes

I made these for our first real dinner in our new home and they were delish! And since I love, love, love anything potatoes we will definitely be having these again!

1. Well, first, I probably would have bought smaller potatoes had I known I'd be making this recipe. Since, I had big ones I still used 8 and we had 2 leftover.  To cook them, I stuck a fork in each one about 3-4 times to get little holes in them and popped them in the microwave for maybe 10 minutes? My microwave has a potato button so I just pressed that. You can test them with a fork; when you poke through them and you hit any hard parts, then its not cooked all the way yet.

2. Arrange the cooked potatoes in big casserole dish. Start preheating oven to 500°f.

3. Take a glass and literally "smash" the potatoes! (Having a 5 year old son means thinking the word "smash" and then repeating over and over in my head "Hulk SMASH"! Can you relate?)

4. Drizzle olive oil all over them potatoes and sprinkle on top any herbs and spices you wish. I used pepper with a little salt, paprika, thyme, garlic salt, and a dash of seasoned salt. I don't super like adding salt to food but you have to live a little right? :P
5. Bake at 500°f for 15mins or until nice and crispy!! This recipe is a breeze but tastes like a LOT more effort!

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