16 May 2012

Lettuce Wraps

Throughout *many* of my trips into World Market, I have had my eye on this packet of ready sauce for lettuce wraps, these were the Lee Kum Kee brand. My husband swore that they tasted exactly like his favorite lettuce wraps from California Pizza Kitchen (which, funnily enough, I don't think we will go to anymore now that we are in California!). I had 20 mins to run into World Market grab the packet and go home and prepare, I realized once I was in line paying, I didn't have like 3 of the listed ingredients. So the version below isn't really what it tells you to do on the sauce pack, but my substituted version!

1. Rinse off some good sturdy lettuce. I used this romaine because it makes much more sense than that flimsy iceberg lettuce...It practically has a built in stem-handle! But you can use whatever you please! I used like a head and a half, because I used only the middle pieces.

 2.  Here is where I got creative. They called for 4 green onions (I used 5 stalks of chives, fresh from my new herb garden! Yay!), 8oz can of water chestnuts (I used half a small potato and half an inch of ginger to match taste and texture), and a small carrot. Make sure its all well chopped up.

3. Next, brown with 2 tbs oil (I used vegetable oil), a pound of chicken. So the chicken needs to be cut really really tiny. They said to use ground chicken and BOY do I second that! Cutting up a huge chicken breast not only took 20mins, but pruned my fingers with chicken juice. Nasty...Get ground chicken!

 4. Add in your chopped veggie/herb mix in with the chicken. They recommend using a large fry pan or wok, but I don't know why a regular pan wouldn't do?

5. Add in your sauce one they have been fryin' for a few minute. You don't want to cook anything too much, because you will want that crunch! It says to add in a handful of peanuts, I add sunflower seeds!

6. Scoop your stir fry onto the lettuce and enjoy! I served this with watermelon and potato salad leftovers, and my husband ate about 5 wraps, stuffed himself silly and never touched the sides. So, this makes for a very cheap dinner!

♥ Even the kids LOVED these ♥



  1. delicioso!!
    este platillo lo comi en Puerto Vallarta!!
    lo hare proximamente !!