06 July 2012

Father's Day, Crème Brûlée

For Father's Day I made my first Creme Brulee for my Father in law. I had gotten a torch kit for my birthday and was waiting for the perfect moment to whip it out and try a brulee! Even though this recipe seemed pretty easy (completely on purpose of course) it turned out suuuuper yummy! I found this recipe on the Food Network site and knew all the ingredients and had most on hand. The only thing we were a little unsure of was the...vanilla sugar?! So now its a little joke between my mother in law and I! In this recipe I just used regular sugar, check it out.

1. Start preheating your oven to 325°f, which I thought was weird putting this in the oven but once you add eggs it makes sense, no eggs yet though! In a pot over medium put 1 quart of heavy cream and a vanilla bean. Before adding the vanilla bean slice it down the center and use a spoon to scrape the inside to distribute its great flavor! You'll want to bring it just to a boil then remove it. Cover and let it sit for 15mins. Afterwards take out the vanilla bean.

2. In a separate bowl add in half a cup of sugar (vanilla sugar) and 6 egg yolks. Whisk together. Once blended slowly add in the cream.

3. Once it is all mixed together you pour into ramekins or a large dish.

5. You will need to get a 9x13 pan that's pretty deep to fill it with 2 inches or so of water with the ramekins/baking dish inside. (Ramekins are little baking dishes for single servings, I didn't know this until later! Hehe) Bake for about 40mins but check to make sure center is still a little giggly.

6. Remove from water and place baking dish/ramekins into fridge and refrigerate for at least 2hrs. (I started this before dinner and by the time dinner was made, we chatted, then were ready for dessert it had been well over 3 hrs). Remove it from the fridge, however, 30mins before you brown the sugar.

7. Using the leftover half cup of sugar (or vanilla sugar once again!) evenly distribute it on top. Then get out your torch and start browning! (The best part!!)

8. Here I am browning the sugar, oh my gosh it was time consuming! I thought it would be quick, for some reason! But I was wrong, I think it took like 15mins, and my arms got really tired. The wait literally drove everyone crazy waiting for a piece! Luckily my sister in law had some wine ♥ You have to be really careful to move the torch around and not focus on one spot because the sugar will still sizzle after the flame is removed and keep melting. Its something that takes practice, but after 15mins you feel like a pro!

Finished product!! Yay! Ok, I'm well aware that this picture is bad on SO many levels. The shadow? *ahem, SERGIO!* Hehe well it was probably my camera acting up, I think I got some sugar or flour that messed up the flash from popping up. (oops!) But here is my father in law happily cracking into his dessert! (Its a little hilarious hes surrounding by 4 drinks seeing as hes NOT a drinker hehe!!) Cheers to a wonderful Father's Day and time spent together! ♥

Recipe can be found here with ingredients list and instructions! :)

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  1. I love the pic of my dad devouring it! That was scrumptious!!! Professional, even