02 August 2013

What's Been Going On!

So last spring when we moved into our house with a huge backyard I headed straight to the planter beds! After hours of digging up really tough, dried out dirt and trip to ACE, we had the makings of a nice veggie garden! The house came with railway ties stacked up about 2 feet from the fence, filled with dirt, so it was the perfect spot for my veggies to thrive! 

Above is the before and below of the veggies in their new home! From the left to right we have: watermelon, lemon cucumber, celery, tomato, strawberries and (not visible) pole beans! 

These were the first tomatoes produced from the plant! I actually wasn't even going to buy the plant because as you might have noticed we HATE tomatoes! But at only .99 cents a plant, why not? I ended up using these beauties in a little gift basket I made someone!

Here is the lemon cucumber almost ready to pick! I've never had one but heard they are GREAT on salads!

Pole Beans are an amazing plant because they almost produce at least a couple beans each day! I go out there to water every other day and more beans have come! It makes a great snack to just crunch on while I'm out gardening! Since it constantly grows you can get quite a lot from just one plant. I used some thin rope to attach between two trees on either side of the garden to let the beans grow on.

These, I didn't plant and are running rampant on my other fence but since its giving me free blackberries I'm not complaining. I was able to get 10 berries and made mini berry pies! I just used a normal pie crust and added a little sugar and a couple drops of lemon. 

I don't have any pictures of the strawberries because 1. the kids eat them before I can snap a pic, and 2. the pic I did get got erased when we had to replace our hard drive. But for the longest time I was a victim of  thief squirrels! After hours of researching I found out that squirrels take your fruits/veggies because they are thirsty, so adding this little DIY bird bath has kept both the squirrels and I happy! No more missing strawberries!

So here is the garden now in full bloom! Thriving and happy! Making me quite happy as well!! Hoping to get better pictures up soon once I retrieve my charger from my moms house! 

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