28 August 2013

White Chocolate Mocha

As mentioned in my last post we will be headed to Portland this weekend for my sister in laws wedding! So as i'm planning ahead for the grueling 10.5hr drive turned 12hr+ (kids!) i'm thinking of two things: Food and Drink! Yesterday we made some beef jerky and got the snack part taken care of, so now it came down to drinks. While chatting with my esposo about bringing our own coffee and a cute little container with creamer and snatching some little packets of sugar, my idea was quickly vetoed! :( He wanted Starbucks. Um, excuse me honey, remember that time when we were on a budget...its still that time. So....being the ever so thrifty, clever, wonderful wife I am, I went straight to Google to find a copycat recipe. There were actually SO many, I liked this girls because she used to work there, and therefore I trust her taste buds (and the mug she used was like the cutest one I've ever seen and I totally want it!).

1. Since my coffee maker is set to make coffee automatically that part was already done. But you will need to make about 6 cups of coffee, make it strong! Then on the stove, over medium-low, warm 2 cups of milk. 

2. Warm the milk until it starts getting bubbles coming up on the sides of the pan. Then remove from heat. 

3. Add to the milk 1 cup of white chocolate chips! Just keep stirring until they melt completely, I ended up turning the heat back on the lowest setting, just be really careful because both the milk and chips can burn easily!

4. Pour in the mug about 8oz of coffee (which in my mug was about 60% of the way full) and then stir in the milk mixture the rest of the way (40%). I know these aren't very "technical terms" but since the coffee was already made and not the strongest pot I wanted to make sure I had enough caffeine to fuel me through the first day of school for Riley!

5. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings! (Luckily I had an old chocolate bunny left over from Easter in the candy basket I've hidden from the kids!) There you have it! Matt said it tasted really good and he would now prefer this over Starbucks!

 Just because I can: Here is our little Riley on his first day of 1st Grade with his own cup of coffee! *Wishing you the best day Bear!!* ♥

Ingredients: 6 cups strong coffee, 2 cups milk, 1 cup white chocolate chips and whipped cream, chocolate shavings (optional)

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